Creating a culture of meaningful work

If there’s one thing the world’s not, it’s ‘simple’. Yet we’re so often guilty of trying to make it that way. We’re always on the lookout for that ‘thing’ that seems to explain away all complexity and confusion. If only we could just do ‘this’ or understand ‘that’ better, everything would be an absolute breeze.Continue reading “Creating a culture of meaningful work”

Pick me

  It’s important for brands to differentiate themselves. We all know that. But why is it that ‘different’ often takes on the same form? To my, albeit non-expert, eye it looks like almost everyone wants to be “more”. More funny. More on-trend. More innovative. More open. More consumer-focused. More trustworthy. More of an expert. MoreContinue reading “Pick me”

Why your business needs to learn the value of values.

Politics always divides opinion. People may not agree on much, especially in today’s climate, but a quality that most people seem to admire when they see it in their politicians is ‘values’. Someone principled who stands for something more meaningful than just being a capable politician. It even better if you happen to agree withContinue reading “Why your business needs to learn the value of values.”