We're often told that effective selling is about storytelling. But is that really true?

When was the last time you listened to a sales person tell you about the cool young founder of some new-wave product and you thought to yourself: 'yep, I'm sold'?

During the day I work in wine, and no amount of telling me about your last vineyard visit, or winemaker chum will make me any more enthusiastic about buying that bottle from you.

Stories don't sell. Not any old story anyway. The key is a story that matters - one your buyer cares about.

In the next iteration of this website, I intend to explore the idea of 'story' as it relates to business and marketing. What makes a good story? Do all good stories make money? Who's telling and selling the best stories out there? When is it time to cut the fluff and stick to the hard facts?

These are the kind of questions I intend to answer as I work towards building a kind of 'ultimate guide to storytelling', particularly as it relates to specialist industries like my own. If it sounds like your kind of thing please think about coming back.