So you think Wine is a load of nonsense? (Taste Test)

A short film I made for my personal YouTube channel, combatting the typical ‘wine’ videos on the platform that showcase Wine as being a subject matter that’s a load of nonsense. So many of the videos show top sommeliers being trolled into thinking dirt cheap wine is actually better than more expensive stuff. I putContinue reading “So you think Wine is a load of nonsense? (Taste Test)”

Don’t Buy ‘English’ Wine! | #EnglishWineWeek

A short Facebook video I wrote and filmed for The Whalley Wine Shop for the end of their #EnglishWineWeek campaign. The aim was to show that English Wine has more to offer the world than its nationality. The video was picked up by Wines of Great Britain and commended highly for its effectiveness in showingContinue reading “Don’t Buy ‘English’ Wine! | #EnglishWineWeek”