Balancing Act

The two most impactful things I’ve read during my long silence from writing anything on this blog are ‘Creativity Inc.’ by Ed Catmul* and ‘Making an Impact’ – a study by Kantar Millward Brown.

There’s one thing that’s stuck with me when reading both: if you want to build a brand, balance is essential.

Balancing art with science.

Balancing creativity with pragmatism.

Balancing head with heart.

Balancing dreams with reality.

Balancing what you want with what they want.

In all of these, it’s not an “either/or”. Both are necessary to keep the other in check. Creativity at all costs won’t make you any money. Commercially at all cost, and you’ll have no soul. There’s a vital tension between, what often seem like, opposing ideas that brands need in order to succeed.

Building a something that matters to you *and* the people you seek to serve means constantly walking the tight rope. Every day, in every decision, every time.

How’s your balance?

*an incredible book for anyone remotely interested in the creative industry. Hopefully I’ll get round do doing a book review soon.