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Why bother with a brand?

It makes things easier to sell.

You might have something niche that on its own isn’t easy to shift. A brand with a story, that makes the effort to connect with the humans who are willing to listen, turns your niche product into the complete package.

You might have something everyone wants to buy. Great, but if it’s that good someone else is going to come after your business sooner or later. A brand with heart and soul, that matters to those who buy it and represents more than the sum of its parts will protect your business when you need it.

Rather than saying ‘I’ve made something, do you want to buy it?’, you have the choice to create a brand. You do that by telling your story effectively and building trust with your audience. That way, when you show up with your new shiny thing, people are already ready to do business with you.

So, why bother with a brand? Because it makes things easier to sell.

Get it right, and it can even *become* the thing you sell. Easily.

2 replies on “Why bother with a brand?”

Hi Sam,

Short and to the point. I love it.
We can’t sell enough to survive as a business without being a brand.
In fact, we can’t do anything properly in life without our personal brand ( our beliefs, stories, manners, view of life, skills, etc.) this is why a brand with a story connects so well with audiences. It is human nature. It is who we are. We don’t buy products, we buy stories.

Looking out for more of your wisdom mate.


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You’re spot on! I think ‘brand’ as a word scares people but when you begin to realise that it’s just ‘reputation’ repackaged, you start to see why it’s so valuable.

Thanks for your kind words! Going to head over and check out your site now 👍


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